Puzzle 1990 Dos Microids Brainteaser

Logic based tile swap type puzzler

In Swap you have a lot of square and squareoid (invented word alert!) parallelepipeds. These, however, need to be shifted and moved around to order them as the level requires them, which will be different with each new level. Matching two of these tiles (or more, if you can manage) will clear the level and take you to your next challenge. Naturally, as you progress, the levels become harder, new shapes are included (triangles) and some other additional gameplay limitations are imposed on you. But, for a tile swapping/matching game, Swap is sure a nice one, interesting and also, graphically well done. That is if you can manage the marshmallow type colors that these tiles have, which, for me was not an issue. Still, it kind of looks like one of those games that (sexism alert!) were intended for girls, so yeah, that might be an issue. One letdown of the game is the extreme level of difficulty that the later levels pack, but, then again, you're less likely to get that far unless you're a hardcore player, and if you are, you sure are going to love the noodle baking and twisting nature of these! Or, else, play something simpler, say Jewel Quest, which sure keeps the difficulty level a bit more palatable.

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