Puzzle 1990 Dos GameTek Brainteaser

There are logic games and there's Tesserae!

I love logic puzzles based on a tactical outlook of the table, and therefore Tesserae did manage to capture my attention, but on the other hand I'm far from being a hardcore puzzler fanatic. This means that while I like to sink some time even in the most obscure puzzlers out there, I rarely have the patience or the want to lose hours on end on a single table, granted, expect I'm playing chess (alright, alright, Chess is not a puzzler, but surely it has its puzzle elements, there in all the strategy bits!). As such, my time with Tesserae was spent scratching the back of my head, surprised, challenged but, to be honest, a bit overwhelmed, and by a bit I mean a lot. It's a hard positional play puzzler, asking you to play logically, though the basic ideas are simple. Things get complicated down the road, as the emergent gameplay sure is hard, but then again, Tesserae, is not for beginners. Graphically it looks the best it needs to be, clean 2D, pieces clearly visible, brownie points for the presentation and the simple no issues controls. It reminded me of Chain Reaction, but it sure goes further than that one in creating an intricate noodle baker, if you know what I mean!

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