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Painting based puzzler; pretty interesting and challenging

Quadrel is a top down tile based, color based puzzler, that works as a sort of drawing game; it asks you to fill each adjacent box with a color but in such a way so as to get a layout (an animal, a leaf, a logo, etc.) colored rightfully It's a puzzler more than a game where you just go about coloring shapes, because in each of its modes, the solitaire one as well as the AI one or against another human opponent it puts a lot of pressure on you. It is not a game that will take a load of time to learn, but it manages to create a new kind of puzzle with each new shape - basically, with each new shape the game is a little different, it has a slightly different kind of idea that needs to be completed. So, overall, Quadrel is a pretty neat game, even if it is pretty far from perfect. Those that love strategy/puzzler games with tiles will find it pleasing. And, for some other coloring based game, download Color Lines, a sort of mix of go with colors and strategy interspersed in there; it sure makes for a great intellectually challenging, yet relaxing at the same time game.

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