Sydney 2000

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A game that celebrated the 2000 Olympics

Sydney 2000 is a bundle of the majority of the Olympic disciplines that were a part of the Olympic games in Sydney, in that very same year. Nope, unfortunately you won't get to compete with the actual players that were a part of the competition, but, nonetheless, you will get cool little minigames that translate well for those that love arcade challenges. Amongst the games included you will get indoors cycling, 100 meters dash and other track disciplines, weight lifting, pole jumping, and more. The minigames are dressed in alright 3D, they control easily, generally with the same (quite responsive) buttons so you don't get confused, and you are also enticed by leader boards and scores. So, if you want a clean, not too original minigames sport arcade selection, this sure can be it. Alternatively, you should also take a look at Athens 2004, as the name suggests being another minigames bundle inspired by the 2004 Olympic Games. Besides, this later version adds more cursive animations and generally better overall graphics, sharper graphics, though gameplay style both of these bundles are similar.

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