Salt Lake 2002

Sport 2002 Windows Eidos Winter sports World competition

Get in the wintery spirit and feel the adrenaline on the slope!

Salt Lake 2002 is for those that are looking for adrenaline, never getting tired of snow and the beautiful winter. Well, beside gifts, holidays and other treats, winter comes with appealing sports, as well! Salt Lake 2002 is all about alpine skiing (Skiing Downhill, Skiing Slalom, Two-man Bobsleigh, Freestyle Skiing Aerials, Ski Jumping K120 Individual and Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom), and you will try to make a name for yourself at the Winter Olympics through three game modes called Olympic, Tournament, Classic and Freeform. The developers did a great job while recreating these events seen on TV or Internet, giving us the opportunity to have some fun among the virtual snowbanks. There is a tutorial that will train you in a few minutes things that experts of this kind of sports learn in years. Because the training is very well produced, you will enter easily and quickly in this universe. You won't be separated to soon from your computer especially when you will start winning! And just to be clear, you won't be dazzled by the graphics or the sound, but if you are a fan of winter sports competitions, and if you want a few hours of entertainment on the ski slope, Salt Lake 2002 is the real deal!

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