Strategy 1999 Windows Gremlin Interactive Real time Isometric

A whole lot of fun!

This game is one of the most hilariously original tank shooter games ever, as expected from the makers of the equally hilariously original Lemmings. Create your tanks from various and by first view illogical bits and pieces using the factory called Parts-o-Matic and that factory is fueled by sheep. Yes, sheep. If you have enough sheep your factory will run flawlessly. That factory is the most important part of the game because if you lose that, your game is over. You also have to take cair of the sheep income and factory management. After you build your tanks, you battle through four time periods, each with six levels, against evil black tanks that are always a step ahead of you in terms of technological advancement. There are a few training levels for you to get the basics and control and soon enough, you will be spending hours playing the game. Its hilarious, quirky and fun gameplay combined with truly remarkable visuals and great sound effects make this game addictive as hell and a perfect gaming choice for the whole family. Highly recommended!

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