StarCraft: Battle Chest

Strategy 1998 Windows Blizzard Real time Isometric Science Fiction

There is no peace among the stars

Following on from the massive success of the WarCraft Battle Chest comes this similarly themed package which combines the original StarCraft with the add-on Brood War and which makes for a perfect introduction to the classic sci-fi series. The base game plays out much like Warcraft 2, being a science fiction-themed real-time strategy game, also akin to Dune 2, which finds humanity stretched out in the stars, fighting for their survival. You can play through a series of campaigns as either the humans, the Protoss or the Zerg, each of which has their own unique traits and their own storylines. Gameplay is classic RTS stuff, where you must complete a series of complex and varied missions while building up units and battling your enemies. Brood War continues the story where the first game finished and offers three new campaigns alongside a bunch of new units for each faction as well as a few other things like tweaks to the AI and enhanced options for upgrading units. If you've never been introduced to StarCraft then you're really missing out on something as it remains a truly first class RTS experience. This Battle Chest is the way to dive in and you'll have hours of fun just with the base game, without even moving on to the add-on. The gameplay might now seem familiar but this is one of the titles which defined the rules and it still stands as an almost perfectly balanced game. The expansion pack too is similarly excellent so really, if you have any interest in this genre you need to own this.

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