Monopoly Deluxe

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Solid property trading fun

Monopoly really shouldn't need any introduction at all, with its status as a classic board game being totally deserved and undisputed and with most of the world's population having played it at some point. This version joins the ranks of other computer adaptations of board games such as Risk, Space Hulk and Scotland Yard and while it does retain a certain amount of the original's fun factor, it does lack that certain something which would make it a classic and a must play. The gameplay is of course the same as the board game and requires players to move around the board, buying property, trying to stay out of jail and generally making as much money as possible. So what makes this version 'deluxe'? Well, it's mainly down to the extensive range of options which can be customised to suit your playing needs, with everything from game length, sounds, board appearance and even the rules capable of being tweaked to keep the players happy. The visuals too probably have something to do with the 'deluxe' tag but while they may have seemed impressive back in 1992, they certainly don't warrant much attention now, being simply serviceable and little more. The AI opponents put up a decent enough struggle but naturally lack the cunning and sneakiness that a human opponent brings to the game, so if you have friends to play against, you may as well just play the original as even without the options of this version, it remains a more enjoyable experience. If however, you are looking for some solo play, then this is a solid enough recreation and should provide you with what you are looking for.

Monopoly Deluxe: An ok recreation of the cardboard game

Monopoly Deluxe is the classic board game for your DOS platform. The game pits you against a variable number of AI opponents in your quest to win the game, make all the properties yours and bring the money and the power in your hands. If you've ever played monopoly before you will know how the game will play. While a beginner will think that it's all in the roll of the dice, a more experienced player will know that Monopoly is more about strategy. Yes, you depend on the roll of the dice but for the most part it's the way you play that is going to make a difference. The artificial intelligence opponents can put up a fair fight and do seem to make good choices at times, but really, this game is more about learning the rules of the game. You are not going to get the same excitement that a real monopoly game with friends brings. Still, given its age, Monopoly Deluxe is a good simulation, so you might want to add it to your time waster category of games. Just don't expect the graphics to be stellar, but otherwise be sure that the game will be good enough.

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