The Seven Spirits of Ra

Adventure 1987 Dos Sir-tech Software Myth and legend Puzzle based

A scarab`s tale puzzle!

In 7 Spirits of Ra you are a scarab, cursed by the might God Ra to an eternity in the depth of a pyramid, unless you find a way to exit. Existing however is by no far a task that anyone will be able to pull off; no such luck! You are going to need to approach each puzzle with care, as each one is potentially dangerous. The puzzle of the game is a recreation of classic tabletop puzzles with tiles Sokoban but not quite. While many of the rules are of this particular game, 7 Spirits of Ra is more logic based; each level of the game offers you a different arrangement of the tiles, and so the challenge is a bit different an d generally increasingly difficult. In terms of looks, 7 Spirits of Ra is alright, 2D, black and white mostly, but it gives you all the info you need to tackle the game; thus, you won't have any issues finding your way around. Also, gameplay wise, 7 Spirits of Ra also includes a level editor and a faster arcade mode, where the game plays under the duress of a timer. But, all in all, it's fun, exciting and really great for lovers of puzzler games.

Simple yet very engaging RPG

I bet very few people will care or even understand the tech feat that The Seven Spirits of Ra had achieved back in its day. An RPG released back in 87, it pushed the graphical envelope of what very poor computers could do, but, at any rate, let's not play that card too much. Suffice to say that today the game looks as a top down RPG that doesn't seem to be more graphically superior or inferior to a lot of other titles out there. What you will love about it though is the straightforwardness of what it offers. Some RPGs liked to throw a whole lot of options and paraphernalia at you, sometimes leaving you unable to choose, which path to take and where to head next. That is not the case with this game here, which is always honest in what it can give you and in what it gives you from the get go. There is character growing and skill growing and all that, but it is not the center point of the game. Instead, the step by step action is where this game shines and the reason you are going to play it. Plus, the Ancient Egypt theme of the adventure presented is not as explored by other RPGs, which furthermore adds novelty to the experience. Try it along Arthur: the Quest for Excalibur just to see that RPGs didn't need to be hid behind text based interfaces, they could be a lot more action and just as cool to play (Not that Arthur: the Quest for Excalibur is a bad game, it is just more heavy on the interface structure!).

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