An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

RPG 1997 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Fantasy First person Action based Role playing Adventure

Worse than the previous games

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is a role-playing game released in 1997. The Elder Scrolls series are one of the most appreciated RPG open world games, that suffered meaningful improvements since from the first 1994 project (The Elder Scrolls: Arena). In Battlespire, your character is an apprentice, who finds out that the army of Daedra killed a lot of people. Throughout the whole game, you go on an expedition in order to defeat Mehrunes Dagon, who captured your character's friend. Unlike Daggerfall, that was more consistent, this game has a smaller structure from many points of view. There are no towns to explore, the gold doesn't exist and the items from your inventory have to be found in various places. But as I said, remember that the enviroment is less enlarged than the previous series. Unfortunately, this game has a lot of technical bugs, that decrease its performance. Also, the missions are way too difficult, even for my age, and this leads to an inconveniently loss of time. Maybe I am not very patient, and I will leave this aspect to your appreciation. This game will definitely not satisfy the players that tried the prequels, because they will expect wide perspectives, possibilities and explorations of the realms of Tamriel, which they won't get.

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