Dungeon Siege

RPG 2002 Windows MacSoft Fantasy Action based Medieval Role playing

Microsoft's Attempt At Action RPGs

This is Microsoft's answer to the Diablo franchise. I can't say much about the sequels, but I played the demo for the original throughly. It didn't impress me. The graphics are better than Diablo and Diablo II, but the story and the world are a bit bland. The character creation is deep in terms of cosmetic appearance, but as far as gameplay, it's pretty simple. Your character can be built to max out every skill. So if you put enough time in, you know everything and become unstoppable. You can just write a macro to repeatedly click a skill for you and become unstoppable. You can explore both the physical and magical extremes. Your skills increase in power by using them. So just by casting lightning bolt a few hundred times, you'll be primed to go up against anything. It was too easy. The loot is randomized, just like Diablo. The music isn't as charming or as memorable. You're better off going to the masters. But if you're in a bind and can't afford a newer release like the upcoming Torchlight II, or Diablo III, Dungeon Siege can serve as a suitable replacement until better action RPG dungeon running games can be secured.

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