The Elder Scrolls: Arena

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Fantasy First person

Stunning fantasy RPG

The Elder Scrolls series of fantasy RPGs are of course legendary, with Morrowind, Daggerfall and Skyrim being enduring genre classics. Arena is actually the first game in the franchise and while it may not have the polish of later efforts, it is certainly worth playing for RPG fans and historians alike. Taking place in the now well known land of Tamriel, the games sees players getting caught up in a complex plot which requires them to recover the eight pieces of the Staff of Chaos which can save the Emperor from the clutches of a treacherous mage. Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played an Elder Scrolls game before, and plays out in first-person perspective, with the player exploring various environments, slaying monsters and embarking on quests. While all this may sound somewhat standard now, Arena really was ground-breaking for its time. The sense of scale on display here remains impressive, with a vast world to explore and which is procedurally generated to create a truly unique experience. The player is free to wander in any way they see fit and this is one of the game's great pleasures, with much enjoyment to be had from simply adventuring. Of course, there are the now established features like levelling up, quests and magic, with hundreds of items, weapons and spells to create and discover. Arena is obviously visually dated but this doesn't get in the way of things too much and when combined with its epic and compelling story, exciting combat and wonderfully realised world, it remains a true classic of the genre. It is highly challenging though, even for genre veterans, but if you are curious about how the Elder Scrolls series started, this is a must play.

A fantastic RPG for all times

The Elder Scrolls franchise is one of the most popular and wideknown franchise in the history of gaming. This gem is made a few years before Morrowind and Skyrim, (also very popular games from the same universe) in the distant year of 1995 and is a worthy representative of the franchise. As in all Elder Scrolls game, the game is set in a fictional land, this one being the island Tamriel. The main quest centers on you having to obtain various artifacts to assemble a powerful artifact wich will help you battle the villain Tarn and rescue the Emperor. Aside from this quest, there are virtually countless other quest, designed for you to become more powerful and build your characters stats. This game has a lot less quality in graphics, but we are talking about 1994, so that is expected. As in all Elder games, the soundtrack is outstanding and perfectly blended with the game. Shortly upon its release, the game became a massive hit, and rightly so - the game is a fantastic adventurous RPG and won't leave anyone disappointed. Just as expected from the creators of the Elder Scrolls. They just can't make a bad game.

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