The Incredible Machine 2

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Sierra Design Tool Math or logic

Unique and imaginative puzzler

A Rube Goldberg device is the name given to any machine that performs a very simple task but in an incredibly complicated fashion, and is named after a famous cartoonist who liked to draw such devices. The Incredible Machine 2 is a clever and inventive little puzzler which requires players to create their own Rube Goldberg devices using an array of objects. Tasks that players might be required to complete include things like putting a ball in a box, or turn on a machine using a fan, with objects including such assorted items as rope, cats and bowling balls. A freeform mode is also included, where players can simply experiment and play around with things for the simple purpose of having fun. Physics plays a big part in how the machines work, so careful consideration must be given to real-world effects like gravity and air pressure in order to make your machine do what it should. This sequel to the original Incredible Machine expands on its predecessor by bringing in all-new levels, tasks, and parts, while also introducing a two-player aspect and an enhanced freeform mode, which adds greatly to the challenge. For anyone interested in puzzle games, the Incredible Machine 2 is an absolute joy from start to finish. It encourages lateral thinking and imagination in a way that is rarely found in other games and it is immensely satisfying to play, whether you are solving puzzles or simply experimenting with random items. This is definitely the best in the series, with later games offering little innovation, but the original Incredible Machine is also worth a look.

The gameplay is pretty cool

TIM 2 is a very good puzzle game which brings a lot of creative elements of the cards. Starting with the gameplay, the puzzles in it are unique from one another and the level of toughness is of a progressive nature. Some of the puzzle in TIM 2 also involve some dynamics of physics which are quite interesting and will be loved by science students. The user interface in the game is not much diverse as you will only be getting list of different objects which you will be using throughout the course of solving different obstacles. Solving them will depend on how you use the object and ploy them on the right spot. The level designs are also unique and no repetition is seen and the graphics are pretty ok. Not only the game involves logic but has a very creative feature to it. The creativity is in the form of the fact that the game has an editor which allows the player to build a variety of machines. The Incredible Machine 2 introduces this feature quite diverse by not limiting it and this allows you to be really imaginative. The game has a good replay value and keeps you interested. Its predecessor The Incredible Machine is also a good game to play.

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