The Even More Incredible Machine

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Dynamix Building

Cracking little brain teaser

If you have a hankering for some abstract construction-based puzzle shenanigans that will have you alternatively scratching your head and smiling with satisfaction, then this follow-up to the original Incredible Machine will be right up your alley. It retains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor and presents players with a seemingly simple objective, such as 'turn on the fan', and then charges them with building a bizarre contraption in order to achieve it. You are given a variety of ordinary, and not-so-ordinary, objects, including balls, rope, girders, cats and monkeys and which must then be connected together in such a way that when the start button is pressed, all the different elements of the machine work together and bring about the desire result. Real-world concepts like gravity must be taken into account when designing your machine but some levels tweak these ideas so that the air pressure might behave in a different manner, thus adding in an extra degree of challenge. The sequel is more of the same and adds in over 70 new puzzles, as well as including the original 80 or so from the first game, as well as some new parts to further enhance and extend the possibilities of your bizarre creations. This really is something of a joyful little game that eschews violence or combat in favour of creating a thought-provoking and almost endlessly enjoyable experience. It is undeniably satisfying coming up with potential solutions to the presented problems and the game almost challenges you to do so in the most outrageous fashion, with some truly odd contraptions capable of being constructed, thanks to the extensive array of parts available. If you're into the likes of Lemmings then this will be an absolute treat and for its sheer originality, deserves to be played.

A cat, a pipe and a brick - make a bucket

This game is actually an extension of the original game called The Incredible Machine, and includes a better graphic suited for newer computers, more levels (actually twice as more than the original!) and better controls than the original, all which was much needed. The gameplay is the same as all other Incredible games - a mindcracking challenge. You are presented a variety of seemingly totaly unrelated items (a baloon, a rope, a cat and a flashlight, among many), and with them you are required to perform a simple task. The rest is up to your creativity and imagination of your precious brain. As mentioned above ,this version provides much better graphics so the game will be more pleasing to the eye. Fans will love the 80 extra levels and more parts to work with. This is truly an original game, I must say and it requires great mental visualisation (which I suck at) for the player to be successful. All in all, a great addition to the great and very addictive game. Also, check out the sequels to this game - The Incredible Machine 2 and 3.

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