Hitomi: My Stepsister

Adult Windows Bishoujo Hentai Visual novel

Sleeping with your stepsister

A game that is going to like to those people with fantasies about stepmoms and stepsisters, somehow very similar to Gibo game, with a different stile in the CG graphics (more polished here than in Gibo) and with some other character. Your character here is a japanese student, so, classic pattern for a bishojo game. Suddenly in your life something will change, your father will get remarried and you'll acquire a new stepmom and, Hitomi, your stepsister. She's the same young age of yours, she's attending the same school, and, she's very cute. You can imagine then, how the story will progress. Many occasion to have encounter with her, and, depending on the choice you'll do during the adventure, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy your stepmom's companion or other girls you'll meet around. There is an interesting flow option that will allow you checking the tree decision and be able to replay to see all the possible situation and endings, like it used to happen with True Love or Fatal Relation. A part this particular, the interaction is quite absent, neither there will be any animation, though, the quality of hentai pics and models does deserve you to have a look on it.

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