The Simpsons

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Konami Side scrolling Hop and bop

A diamond is stolen; Maggie has it!

The Simpsons is a cool adventure like game, with the entire cast of the Simpsons, who find themselves in the midst of a nasty stealing story. Of course it's not them that have started it all, but, because this guy who has stolen a diamond bumps into Homer, and the diamond gets, somehow in the possession of Maggie, you will find that a world of bad things will go your way! So, you will find that the game is pretty clearly produced in order to offer you diverse (and weird!) puzzles. So, with that in mind, The Simpsons is a cool game, and will certainly offer you a very cool and well endowed experience. Naturally, another cool thing that will arise from the game is the time you'll spend with the Simpsons, which are well animated, have characteristic dialogue lines, and overall, are pretty cool to play as/with. Other than that there are also mini games, out of the main game that are pretty arcade like and can be played competitively; so The Simpsons can also be played as a fun party experience. Else download The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness, another cool adventure/action focused on Bart, the youngster of the Simpsons family.

Doh! They got the diamond!

The Simpsons, modeled after the mega-famous TV show from the USA, is a game port from the Commodore and NES to the PC and, while it's lost some of its graphical and audio glamour, still remains a very fun and exciting arcade game that will make all fans make a little joyful dance in their seats. The gameplay and story remain the same as the console version - the simpson family, led by Homer Simpson, chase Smithers through entire Springfield and other Simpson-themed locations in order to retrieve a stolen diamond that Maggie caught after Smithers dropped it. Each of the playable character has their hilarious and trademark weapon to use throughout the game - Bart uses his skateboard, Homer kicks and punches, Marge uses her vacuum cleaner while Lisa uses a whip as a jump rope. The gameplay is insanely fun and the game really retains the same humorous and quirky atmosphere from the show while the grahpics, although a bit diminished after being ported to the PC, still remain very bright, detailed and beautiful, just like in the series. Truly, this is a spectacular and very funny game and all arcade lovers, whether they are fans of the TV sit-com or not, should definitely go and play it.

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