Elvira Arcade Game

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Platformer

Well the game is average and too short

Not a top notch recommendation for anyone, but the game is still average and may be liked by some of you out there. It's a platform action game which involves dagger shooting all the way. The character in the game is a famous one but what made the game lag behind is the fact that the level designs in it are very repetitive which does not bring any sort of diversity or depth to the gameplay. The graphics are though good in terms of the color combination and the animations, but the repetitive thing has overdone them and they do not count much. However the dagger throwing action is good and you can also collect many power ups and upgrades to make it even more fun. Only two worlds have been incorporated to choose from and the game is very short to one liking. The enemies have not been drawn well and do not give any intimidating look which one would have expected with the theme. The controls are very responsive which allow you to be good with the dagger but you really need some variety and depth to stick to the game. If you really want some platform horror and action, then try out Castlevania.

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