Commander Keen 3

Arcade 1990 Dos Apogee Side scrolling Hop and bop

When a shareware platformer makes it!

Commander Keen could have easily lost its way as so many other of its peers back in the day; The first one in the series didn't really manage to create such an original or such a over the top experience that it couldn't have managed to be overlooked. But it did one little thing differently than most other titles: it offered a longer chunk of free gameplay than most others; that meant that the people that loved it, really were enticed to buy it, and, thus, with a little word to mouth help, the game managed to garner a really big and enduring audience. Thus, the later titles had the space to develop, and, while still keeping the formula that made the original stand out, they did manage a more polished experience than most of the other games around. As such, Commander Keen 3 was as entertaining and as well polished as you'd expect, without making the artistic or gameplay style jump to the, well, mainstream, as much as that was a thing back in 1990. So, at any rate, Commander Keen 3 is a great platformer, a son of the BBS age and an adventure worth sinking into, with loads of environments, lots of ambient puzzles and that great DOS shareware attitude intact!

Arcade side scrolling game

Commander Keen 3 is an arcade style side scrolling game which has an adventure theme and has a very distinct and unique plot. Starting off with the plot, your character will go on the quest to counter the enemies that have released the vortices on earth and have brought chaos. The character in the game which you will play has his family, his pets, his children and the game feature cities suburbs. The plot I guess is not much fascinating but the game has some very good features which veteran gamers will really love. The first good feature in the game is the variety that it brings in terms of the level designs and the items that are found at various levels. The graphics in the game are top notch and are very well designed because the backgrounds the scenarios and the motions have been perfectly executed in line with the theme of the game. The controls also work perfect and the UI is facilitating for both new comers and for veterans. Such type of games are though not mostly loved by gamers but they have a good replay value because of the variety that they give. The whole series has been and the best installment for me has been Commander Keen 2.

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