The Slugger

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Classic, a bit unpolished baseball action game; alright...

The Slugger is a baseball action game, pretty simple in build, with the classic construction that the genre has brought forward; basically, it offers you each phase of the game (the real game) in a sort of puzzle; the ball hitting is one, the running the bases is the next one and so on. It also includes a small, underdeveloped portion of strategy, where you choose what sort of game the team will play. So, all in all, The Slugger is pretty fun, interesting to sink into, and, it tests your fast response, as well as the ability to concentrate. It's nothing you haven't seen before, especially if you've played such games in the past. Also, what The Slugger gives you is the ability to zoom onto the current player; it takes awhile to get it done, but overall, it does a good job of it all. But, ultimately what seals its faith as a rather limited game is the fact that the teams, the ones controlled by the AI are pretty lacking in diversity; thus once you've played against one, you'll have seen the entire scope of the game. So, overall, it might be a good game to play once, but, with something like Micro League Baseball you might get a lot more out of the game, if you play regularly, and not just once in a while. So, at any rate, give it a go, it won't disappoint but don't expect it to replace some other, meatier retro baseball game in your collection.

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