Micro League Baseball 1

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Micro League Baseball

Fun sports game for all

It is a classical baseball game which is really going to please you with both the gaming action and the variety of gameplay elements which have been sprinkled with strategy. You can select the most well-known teams that have glorified the history of this game and then you can make them compete each other in world leagues and tournaments. The game has a built in stats checker which records all the stats of the players and the matches as you go on playing the game. The stats allow you to select the players for your team and then assign them the tasks accordingly. The strategy in the game is in the form of the team selection, the player selection according to their skills, planning how to pitch, how to plan the running at bases, and the placements of the fielders in the field. You can also swing the ball to make it tough for the striker. The game is therefore very diverse and really gives a great action for baseball game lovers. The game is stunning in terms of the graphics as the animations on the field and the backgrounds provide a great set up for a fun play. The gameplay in it similar to the one in Pro League Baseball and both are equally good.

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