Micro League Wrestling 2

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Micro League Fighting Wrestling

Dull wrestling sim

Wrestling is not a sport which has often been successfully transferred to computer screens, with few examples standing out as games that anyone in their right mind would actually want to play. Unfortunately, MicroLeague Wrestling continues that tradition and creates a dull and boring game only of interest to hardcore wrestling fans. In sharp contrast to more action-oriented offerings like Take Down Wrestling, this game plays out in a turn-based fashion where both the AI opponent and the human player select their moves and then the computer works out who was more successful. It's an interesting attempt at doing something different, but isn't entirely successful, given the large element of luck that comes with pulling off any move. It also renders the game rather slow and tedious where it should be exciting, and doesn't exactly make for a great fighting experience. The game features several legends of US WWF wrestling, including Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage (sadly no Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks for British fans!) which is sure to please fans, but while the digitised graphics were once considered impressive, they now sadly just look grainy and washed out. Sound too is similarly unimpressive, with a few simple effects and music tracks, and while commentary and interviews add some flavour, they are not enough to overcome the game's shortcomings and contribute to MicroLeague Wrestling being suited only to truly dedicated wrestling fans. Check out WWF Raw for a better action wrestling game.

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