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Diverse in martial arts variations weapons; simple graphically

Budokan is an impressive game in terms of diversity of martial arts styles that it includes, however it lacks in graphical polish. However, that isn't an issue as long as you don't mind the dual/3 colors build of the game. Because, no matter what, it still looks good, with enough detail that you don't really have any issues looking at the game. Plus, what's even more interesting is the fact that Budokan offers you great animations, even if the number of animation frames per character is pretty small. Plus, when you learn the few combo attacks that each player is endowed with, you get to sink into a lot better, and you realize that this is just an odd little game, but a good one, nonetheless. The art style is also very interesting and well produced, with backgrounds produced with care and with a whole load of graphical elements that you will just love, that belong to the art style of the Japanese players. So, overall, Budokan does a great job with all the elements that it has on its table, so if you like Street Fighter like games, but would like a game stapled in the graphical style of the Japanese Bushido arenas, this game can definitely take you there. So, give it a try, it will definitely not let you down.

Do you have your bushido?

Developed and published in the late eighties, Budokan is a fabulous fighting game (Like Street Fighter) that features 4 Japanese fighting sports. The very cool aspect of the game is that you get to train and compete in a very realistically presented Japanese Dojo, and a great courtyard that is outside. That image alone lets you get into the game and imagine that you are really in Japan and training in a Dojo. Pretty cool! You train in Karate, Kendo, Bo and Nunchaku - to make it short, all the martial arts that make Japan awesome xD You practice these disciplines with your Sensei (teacher) and learn your controls and moves. The amount of moves is awesomely high, and if you use them correctly, it looks like you are dancing in the air. And after the training and talking about a very wise old man about the meaning of life, you get to compete in a tournament against 12 opponents that are increasingly stronger. The whole sequence,from training in combat and Chi to actually competing, is some form of a path of a samurai, everything goes gradually, and, if that is possible with a game, you feel like you've grown as a person. Truly, this is more than a simple comabat game, it is much more than that, and that can't be easily explained, but tried out personally. The graphics and music are both very good for that time, but even if they weren't the game would be fantastic. Play on and see for yourself!

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