Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Space combat Futuristic Space flight

X-Wing`s successor is faster and more diverse

While still a basic space shooter/fighter in space, this second title in the series is a great departure and upgrade for the X-Wing game; it's got better graphics, a higher resolution, a more enthralling story, much more grounded in Star Wars mythos, and, also, the change that will please you the most, much better physics. Controlling your Tie Fighter in space is now a lot more satisfying, especially if you play with a thumb knob controller or via a joystick, and, the AI fighters are smarter, better fit to engage you in space combat that will definitely engage all of your senses. Also, balancing, especially in terms of difficulty has also gotten a revamp, which puts this game in a much more suitable position to sustain prolonged play sessions; besides, the fact that there is a main story to the combat, will drive you to play more, something that X-Wing didn't have, at least not at the same level of intricacy. A definitive space combat game, for Star Wars fans, but also for all those that love a well done space duel/ dog fight.

Come over to the dark side

Given to you by the famous Lucas Arts, Star Wars is one of the many, many, many Star Wars games (The most popular being Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith)that have been coming out since the distan 1977. This 1994 space flight simulation game is a sequel of the Star Wars: X-Wing game and is the first that puts you on the side of the Galactic Empire. But although you are playing for the bad guys, you still feel a sympathetic to the whole story. And hey, maybe you like the Empire more than the Republic. I'm not a Stars Wars fanatic but I still thoroughly enjoyed this game because, if you take the "Star Wars" part out of it, you are still left with a decent flight simulator game. You are put behind the controls of various starships in an intergalactic space war. The controls are simple and the gameplay is fantastic, exciting and full of action. The graphics department are not top of the notch, but still adequate for you to get hooked right in the game. This starship simulation game will attract Star Wars fans of all ages and it's a must play for all starship simulation games.

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