Star Wars: X-Wing

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Space combat Space flight

Just like dusting crops

X-Wing is one of the best games to be bless with the legendary Star Wars name, and does a superb job of recreating all the excitement of space combat that other titles like Wing Commander provide, but with the added bonus of starring some of the most iconic ships in history. As you might expect, this one throws you into the role of an X-Wing pilot, as the Empire seeks to destroy the last remnants of the Rebel Alliance in their attempt to rule the galaxy. As this pilot, you'll jump into the cockpit of your trusty X-Wing and fly a series of over 120 missions, where you'll take the fight to the enemy and take on TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers alike. You've got an extensive series of combat training missions to get you used to your ship, while the main campaign missions will also keep you challenged, with some tough missions in deep space and which will also see you flying through the infamous Death Star itself. X-Wing isn't perhaps the most complex Star Wars game ever made, but it certainly is fun and paved the way for later installments such as Alliance and perhaps the greatest Star Wars combat game, TIE Fighter. The action is intense and highly challenging, with some really interesting missions that will test your flying skills to the limit. The game also nails that all important atmosphere perfectly, and although the visuals might be a little dated now, there's no denying the game generates a real sense of excitement every time you jump into the cockpit or hear those iconic sound effects. With heaps of challenge and lots of variety, this is a superb combat flight sim, whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, and deserves to be played.

A Star Wars space game

Another Lucasarts Star Wars flying space simulator. Yes another one, in retrospect there seem to be a lot of games of this genre, but in the 80's and early 90's everything to do with video games was about space. So Lucasarts capitalized in on the video game space craze and made a series of mediocre space games. Many of the earlier Star Wars PC games doesn't seem that great now, but back then it would have been mind blowing graphics and a chance to interact with the Star Wars series for all the die-hard fans of the movies. The game actually does give you a seemingly free roam of a space flight,as the game is mainly about engaging in battles in outer space. The music is Star Wars themes put on repeat with a really grainy DOS touch to it. It will take you 5 minutes before you will want to turn the music off. The sound effects are all classic space noises, with nothing really new to add to the game. The enemy space ships just look like flying polygons. The start menu, is very unique, which makes it feel like you are on board a space ship, with the different game options being behind various doors on the flight deck for the menu. I would recommend this game for Star Wars fans only or if you are simply wanting to relive some older Star Wars games in the Star Wars X-Wing series of PC games.

What a game!

This is one of the best computer games I've ever played. I download it every five years or so, and try to beat it, something I've yet to accomplish. It's hearkens back to the days when playability was a focus of video games, not how pretty it looked. The amount of interface you have with your ship is freaking badass. There's nothing like screaming out of a laser mine field at full throttle, dropping all your front and side shields to try and cover your ass as you shunt power from your laser into your engines. Not too much though, they have to re-charge before the imperial frigate shows up, because even for someone who's played the games for years, that is one tough fight. Damn good game. Damn good. The sequel, Tie Fighter, was also freakin fantastic, after which the series went down hill. they just don't make 'em like this anymore folks, download it.

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