Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

Simulation 1998 Windows LucasArts Flight Space combat Space flight Action Combat Action simulation Sci fi

Stay on target!

While Rogue Squadron might not be perfect, it still manages to nail that Star Wars feeling and really gives the player the thrills and spills that come with flying some of the universe's most awesome spaceships. It's not exactly a flight sim, and is less complicated than the X-Wing or TIE Fighter series, feeling more like an arcade shooter, and although true flight sim fans might be disappointed, there's no denying this one offers a lot of fun. This one throws you into the cockpits of some of the legendary series most iconic ships in another bid to destroy the evil Empire once and for all. You'll fly X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings, snowspeeders and more in an epic series of missions that see you recreating all the most exciting parts of the movies. The action takes place over some of the best loved environments too, including Tatooine and Hoth, with a variety of missions to test your flying skills with, including knocking down those giant AT-ATs. Rogue Squadron isn't the most complex of games, but it sure is fun, and nothing really comes close to zooming through the canyons of Tatooine or jinking your way through a hail of TIE Fighter fire. The action hits you right from the start, with a good selection of missions that are both varied and enjoyable. The visuals hold up pretty well today, as does the sound, while the controls are simple to pick up and very responsive. There are plenty of unlocks to find as well, and while the game isn't all that difficult, it's enough fun to make you keep coming back for more. A classic slice of arcade action.

X Wing, in space and close to ground!

If you ever wanted to take part in the expansive and neverending Star Wars wars, the ones that packed imperial walkers, ground units, and X fighters soaring close at the level of the ground, then this can be the perfect game for you. It's modern enough in graphics and can display heights as a king, not to mention that it packs some really interesting depth of field and fog effects. But while it could have done without these, it sure couldn't have done without the high attention to the way the missions are built, and to the very responsive controls. Yes, while you're still flying above ground, that doesn't mean you have to do keyboard acrobatics to keep you craft in mid air. Surely, with a simple joystick a lot of your troubles will be put to rest, but keyboard and mouse play can be just as alright. So yeah, you'll be fighting on orbit, near ground, through sandy areas and through snowy areas, as it is required. Try it, as in my opinion it's much more diverse than regular X Wing games and even more fun than these.

Awesome Star Wars game, in 3D

From the developers Factor 5 who have made Star Wars Battle for Naboo, come Star Wars Rogue Squadron, a fast paced arcade-style action game that won the hearts of many gamers. And who can't say that this is one the best Star Wars game of all time? While in style of gameplay, the game is similar to X-Wing with the difference that you no longer fight in outer space, but rather on different planets. In the game you play as Luke Skywalker, commander of the elite X-Wing pilots known as Rogue Squadron. In the game you have a choice of 5 crafts. The graphics in the game are outstanding and the sounds are like coming from the original trilogy itself(movie trilogy). All in all, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D is one of the games that is a pity to miss out. It's a must have!

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