Street Fighter

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Capcom Beat em up

The beginning of a cult classic fighter series

First of all, let us make a distinction here. There were two Street Fighter games that were released, sporting the same title, without any other naming scheme options. This one, released on the DOS platform, and a cabinet version. The cabinet version is more likely to be remembered by hardcore fanatics of the series, though, truth be told, the DOS port is not bad either. What it lacks is the same polish in the graphics department. Here, the game sports a rather more poor set of graphics. The background colors have been cut down, leaving some of the backgrounds to look a lot more poorly. But, as always, the truth lies in the gameplay. Here too, the game is not at its best. The fast, combo centered action of the original is rather present only in its infancy, in its poorer version. But, nevertheless, if you want to see the series evolution, this game is a must, at least from this historical perspective. My personal favorite is light years ahead of this one, as Street Fighter II Turbo, cannot really be threatened by a game which, if it did not sport the name it does, could have been taken for some other completely different series.

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