Adventure 1996 Windows GTE Entertainment Mystery Puzzle based Puzzle Fpp

Archeological themed adventure game

In Timelapse you will be playing the friend of an archeologist who happens to stumble onto a very interesting archeological site. You'll get caught in his adventuring and soon enough you'll learn that there is more than meets the eye to this particular site. In good old fashioned conspiracy theory style (that would not be out of place in one of History Channel's farfetched TV series!) this site is linked to alien activity, and your job is to dig deeper into the whole thing and see what and where it leads you. And indeed it will lead you places, as the story sure is imaginative, not shying away from telling a very convoluted story. But, at least for me, who likes some science behind his adventure and some resemblance of real, the game packs a good amount of puzzles, which can only lead to a good enough time with it, even if the game itself is a narrative hot mess. However, the whole time I spent with it, I couldn't help myself from thinking how much I would have liked to be playing The Dig, another adventure that fits alien activity and archeological endeavors into the recipe, but does it much more coherently (though it too is imaginative and, well, unconcerned with reality or with plausibility!). Heck, try them both and see which one paints the more farfetched alien conspiracy!

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