Lost in time 2

Adventure 1993 Dos Coktel Vision Mystery Puzzle based

Adventure set in a photorealistic looking setting

Lost in time 2, offers you an interesting looking setting: all of the backgrounds were photographed and then digitalized. This gives the game an interesting style and an interesting appeal. (Maybe there are a few that were drawn or produced digitally directly, though it is hard to say so with 100 percent confidence). The game includes puzzles that are well produced, rather versions of tabletop puzzles, but, still, that was common in the day. Not that there are no puzzles that are specific to this style of game, but rather that the vast majority of puzzles are tile arranging ones or other such classics. The story is a mystery one. You will have to find clues as to what happened in a mansion. There are notes scattered around, there are dialogues with a diverse host of characters and other ways in which the story progresses. How much you are going to be drawn to it has to do with your own sense of wonder for this kind of mystery genre. At any rate, if you want to try a hyper real looking adventure from the mid 90s, this is it. There were a few others like this one, graphics wise, but Lost in time 2 rather stands apart as different, along with its older brother.

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