Top Gun Fire at Will

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Flight Shooter

Tom Cruise would be proud!

Top Gun Fire at Will is a 3D, full 3D flight game, that puts you in the shoes of a fresh pilot, and starts you with the training, and then puts you against a whole lot of levels where the lessons learned are put to good use. It's a half realistic/half arcade flight game, but it features amazingly detailed flight controls, and even if some of the actual flight controls are not used, to aid simplicity, the planes, modern war birds, do behave rather realistically, believably. Now, in terms of story, if you've watched Top Gun, you'll be familiar with the premise of that one. It's rather similar in ways, and it puts you in charge of your plane but not much else; the briefings don't ask for your opinion, and so your only goal is to go ahead and just make the most out of the missions you are given. And there will be dog fights, there will be bombardment missions, there will even be a few reckon missions, plus a whole load of others. Graphically, Top Gun Fire at Will looks more than nice; it's got detailed maps, which, surely, look great the more distance you have from them, but that was to be expected. So, yes, it's not a simulation as accurate as IL-2 Sturmovik, but it holds it's own well and, most of all, can be played without extensive flight game training/experience.

Flight simulation on the top (because of movie)

Back in '86, Top Gun was a massive movie hit. Heck, it still is. It was an every grown man kid's dream come true. Top Gun: Fire at will is just one off several video games that were released based on that cult action film. Released in 1996 by Spectrum Holobyte, this flight sim game was made for PCs and the first one to be released for Sony Playstation, but sincerely, it wasn't worth the money or time. In this game, your job as Maverick from the movie is to go to combat in Cuba, North Korea, and Libya against a secret group of mercenary pilots called the "Cadre". The biggest fault in this game is the difficulty, which is too easy or too hard, but never just right. Mediocre graphics (even for the time it was released) and listening to James Tolkan as the commanding officer from the movie screaming at you every second doesn't help the least in enjoying the game more. My mind just goes back to other good flight sim games I should be playing instead, like Falcon or something like that. You'd better play other simulation of the genre, altough you're really a fanatic of the movie and Maverick character.

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