Simulation 1987 Dos Spectrum Holobyte Flight

Well playable and strangely enticing flight sim

I was ready to give up playing Falcon; I had issues making it accept my settings so I could play it in DosBox, and I wasn't ready to pull off some weird, crazy wildcard kind of move, or installing it on my aged 486! But, after a lucky tinker I got it to work. At first sight, this is just another flight sim, realistic, to the extent that realism in flight sims was possible in the not so late 80s. But, here's the deal, I ended up playing its missions for more than I expected, and that is rare for me for these kind of games. Why? Well, because this is a very clear game: you know where you have to go and what to do; that will mostly be bombing and shooting, with the occasional aerial display of dogfighting skill. But it works great, better than expected and Falcon has a very modern feel, of course, if you can abstract the oldie graphics. Also, for a late 80s game, you'll get more detail than you'd have thought possible, and an overall very playable game. So yeah, the very early Falcon game demonstrates how careful the entire series was toiled over, something that is sure to impress you still. Definitely worth playing if you like oldie simulation like flight sims.

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