Simulation 1998 Windows Xicat Interactive Flight Futuristic Shooter

On the ground and in mid air/ Aliens you ve got to slay!

Incoming is a very meaty action game, one that asks you to do a lot of shooting and that is very enjoyable at every step of the way. The gameplay style really stands out, as being really well thought out, as the missions never get too boring or too lax. Nope, the action sequences are relentless; this is also aided by the fact that the game world is big and each mission will see you tackling more than one single objective, which is kind of nice, and also, very satisfying. The story is also very gamey, as it has to do with a horde of aliens that want to capture the Earth for themselves, and so, you are once again motivated to sink into it. Compared to the shooter Starship Troopers this game here is definitely more attuned to diversity and has a more satisfying level design, plus, the aliens are so much more diverse in terms of their make, leading to a more enjoyable experience. So, yeah, take Incoming for a spin and then go for Incoming Forces as well which also adds a bit more to the original experience. A great Sci Fi, action game, without doubt, not too deep, but fun all the way.

Let's shoot the aliens!

Do you love playing shooting games? Well, I think you should try this one. This game not only offers action arcade game, we can also choose the simulation mode. Two genres in one. The gameplay tells about the aliens that invaded Earth. And of course it is our duty as a war pilot to stop them and protect our beloved Earth. Isn't that just awesome! There are ten scenarios to be done. But attacking is not our only action in this game, because sometimes we have to defend ourself or the base. Listen for the commands from the commander. In Arcade mode, this game can be played by two people. When there are two player, the screen will be split into two. In arcade mode, we have to shoot as many targets as possible while keep collecting bonus and pop-ups. These pop-ups will help us destroy the enemies with weapon upgrades and temporary vulnerability. This game was released on 1998. The graphics is in 3d, a little rough but not really bad for the game at the period. But it should be improved better. The sound is pretty good.

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