Total Club Manager 2005

Sport 2004 Windows Electronic Arts Team management

Modern, step forward for the Total manager series

Total Club Manager 2005 is by no means a retro title; sure it's been almost a decade since it was released, but except for graphics and some more or less fringe additions, this is a soccer manager just as intense and as beautiful as any other 2014 ones. Thus, Total Club Manager 2005 is a great socer manager for those that love that classic feel of buying your players, selling the ones you're done with, then training them, individually or as a team, them making sure that as a coach you direct them properly in the game, and thus manage to get the required results. As a staple of modern gameplay, you can choose to get involved at a lower or higher level, and when you're sure of a certain setting, just automate it, and for get about it until you want it tweaked. This gives you the freedom to just focus on the game portion you find to still be lacking, whatever it might be. Thus, Total Club Manager 2005 is a soccer manager for anyone, no matter if you want the whole thing or just want to play a certain portion of it all. Similarly, even older games in the Total Manager series are just as well produced and worth looking into.

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