Club Football 2005

Sport 2004 Windows Codemasters Soccer

Well advanced graphically, a bit underwhelming after a few games

The 3D revolution hadn't really made games better as a rule, Nope, some thought that a 3D interface is some panacea that will allow them to get away with actually producing a game that will make sense for many to play. At any rate, Club Football 2005 is a very hyperactive game: all the makings of modern games are there: you can pick from lots of video camera angles, you can choose from a wide variety of team, the well known ones, France, Italy, England, etc. So, in terms of eye candy, this game has nailed the recipe. The soccer engine itself though is a bit on the lite side, which unfortunately won't go unnoticed for too long. But, here's the deal, compared to some other games from EA, which have gotten a lot more recognition, Club Football 2005 is definitely a game well worth its salt. Yeah, it's going to be bested by similar era Pro Evo games, but that in itself says lots about this game. Also, it's rare that a 2004 game feels as if it had been released yesterday (2013!) and you're just playing it with the graphical options toned down. So that is why Club Football 2005 is worth playing, all things said, at least until you get inside the fact that most teams play almost the same, no matter who the players are.

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