Tough Guy

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Panda Entertainment Beat em up Gangster

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A one on one great combat

The developer Panda Entertainment has always been known for its brilliant fighting games and Tough Guy is another feather to their cap. The Graphics of the game are well designed as they show in different characters that go in one on one combat. The game play is exciting but simple where both the opponents have their power showing on the top of the screen. So just hit the other with your moves and kill the power to win the combat. A great variety has been given to the game by incorporating various excellent moves for different characters that are present in the games. With a combination of only a few buttons, you can pull off different moves and can leap high for their execution. The music is also fine and in accordance with the theme of the fight. You can either play with the PC or you can have fights with your friends by selecting the multi-player mode. Similarly the game has the variety on terms of the different locations which are depicted in the different backgrounds of a fight. So it's a fine classical fighting game and is quite addictive. A game from the same developer which really acquired a lot of fame is the Sango Fighter.

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