Action 2002 Windows IREM Beat em up Gangster

Remake of a the eponymous arcade beat em up

Vigilante is your straightforward side scroller beat em up, a remake of an arcade of the same name released back in 1988. The game is however remade to be played on modern OSes, so your Windows installation should be ok to play it without issues. But, you'll ask, why would you? Well, the interesting thing about this game is its graphics. The game has a very cartoonish feel to it, a sort of comic strip feel. Within this frame, your character plays the role of a gangster who is on a rescue mission, and so, your left to right shenanigans will feel even more exhilarating. The game is straightforward in its recipe, in that it never puts you against anything that is out of extraordinary, gameplay wise, being a very canonical game, but, nevertheless, it is a great game within its niche. It is similar to the NES classic River City Ransom, though, maybe, a little less detailed. But, when the heat of the punching around and strategizing take you, that won't matter. So, if you're a fan of beat them ups, Vigilante will surely do the trick. So try it out.

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