Ultimate Body Blows

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Team17 Beat em up Fighting Arcade

Good one on one action

It is a typical one to one action game where you have to beat the other guys in a series of fights. The game to its very core is pure action theme because the graphics and the animations have been designed perfectly in line with the theme. This genre has seen many other classics that have been better than this one but the game is very much a thriller. You have many characters to select from for your fights and all the characters have been modelled with a lot of innovations and colors to give you an alluring experience. The backgrounds in the fighting sequences have been very colorful, innovative and well designed as well and the overall environments are a true fight panorama. In terms of the graphics engine, it is very supportive for smooth action and well calibrated moves. The controls are however a bit difficult and you need to master them if you really want to enjoy the action. The level designs have some unique elements but the game is not rich in terms of the variety of the moves that the characters can perform. Overall it is good but there are better such as Virtua Fighter 2.

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