Toxic Mayhem: The Troma Project

Action 2002 Windows Troma Entertainment Horror Science Fiction Role playing Indie Turn based strategy Strategy

No, just no

Anyone who knows anything about Troma will probably have a vague idea of what this little known game might entail. In the movie world, the company is renowned for its low budget and usually rather poor output which is generally schlocky and lacking in anything approaching mainstream appeal. It should be no surprise then to learn that this follows the same kind of principles and is just as bad as most of the company's films. Here, you get to take on the role of some of Troma's best known heroes, including the Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman, and it's your job to save the town of Tromaville from itself. The game itself is a sort of turn-based strategy title, a bit like Laser Squad or Jagged Alliance, mixed in with RPG and action elements. You'll get to explore the town, looking for weapons, while taking out the various questionable inhabitants who are taking over in turn-based combat. There's the expected variety of morally dubious and supposedly amusing content here but in all honesty, this is only likely to appeal to the very stupid or the terminally childish. This really is a remarkably poor showing, but it's not a great surprise considering the attachment of the Troma label. The non-existent storyline shows all the wit and intelligence of the typical Troma movie, but the gameplay is even worse, lacking even the dubious charms of the original GTA or Duke Nukem, and proves to be merely crass and insulting rather than entertaining. Throw in some below par visuals and sound, and you're left with a game which is best left in the bargain bin.

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