Hero X

Action 2002 Windows Atari Isometric Science Fiction Role playing

Hero X to the rescue!

Like a comic book version of classic beat 'em ups such as Renegade and River City Ransom, but without the charm of that retro factor, Hero X is a cheap looking and feeling game which just doesn't hold your attention. It's certainly got a neat concept but doesn't do enough with it to make this any more than a brief diversion. You play the part of a former apprentice superhero who's making his own way into the world and who has been given protection of a small town but which is about to see some big trouble. Mr. C has some ideas for the town, so it's up to you to fight your way through biker gangs, killer clowns and various other henchmen in your attempt to uncover the big boss's plans. This translates into an isometric beat 'em up, where you explore while taking out the bad guys with a mix of punches and kicks, as well as over fifty superpowers. The range of powers gives some interest to the game, as you can mix and match and experiment to try out the ones you like, while there's also the opportunity for some limited customization of your character's looks. In theory this could have been a cracking little game. It's got an interesting superhero setting and plot, while the range of powers should give some major appeal. However, you soon find out that most of them do pretty much the same thing, while the range of normal moves is equally uninspiring. The game also suffers from some ropy AI and a lack of variety in the gameplay, which soon becomes monotonous. If you are looking for a cool superhero game, try Freedom Force instead.

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