GTA: Grand Theft Auto

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The vehicle mayhem revolution started here!

GTA: Grand Theft Auto is the first game from famed Rockstar creators, to employ a recipe that will prove able to conquer the world; you had a driving portion to it, and an on-foot portion; both of them were used in the game in order to create a distinct feel for the game, with lots of beautiful missions to try and a very large city to roam through. All in all, GTA: Grand Theft Auto offered you a very satisfying production, and, more than anything, it offered you a tinge of humor, though not as distinct, or as mature/having reached its peak, as in the later games in the series. Graphically this first game was in a third person, seen from above, with a simple 3D build; you saw your car from above, as your character when moving on foot. Thus, while violent, it wasn't as graphic as some of the other games in the series. However, it was a violent game, only to be exacerbated later on, and become the game we've always known! Of course, playing some later Grand Theft Auto titles will showcase the entire depth of gameplay that this series was capable of, so have more of these titles around!

Where from it all began

This version of GTA is from where this popular series began in 1997. This game is probably the very first game where you have to perform a criminal mission like bank robbery, stealing cars, beating up your rival. Well we can't compare it with the graphics of some of the recent versions of this franchise, but still it was the one to set high standards. I have played all the versions till date but what amazes me is that this first one has many options which are still being provided. You play the character anywhere around the city and steal whatever you find attractive. The game play is amazingly smooth and swift with highly interactive user interface. You also have to use your brain for avoiding the police because the more you are into criminal activities, the more police chase you will have to counter. Yes you have the option to unlock bikes and use flying machines but they are far less advanced than the ones in the new versions. You can easily control your bad guy with both keyboard and joystick and the background music is also catchy. Well there is no need to tell you about GTA 4, but if you haven't tried it, then you should definitely go for it.

Criminal school

Born to be criminal. Here the first computer game of the famous series. For the first time in videogames history your mission will be to finish criminal mission like rob a bank or steal cars, kill your rival or put fire on a shop... you will move your carachter from the top around Liberty City making whatever your mind suggest. So go if you see a nice sport car, stop the traffic and steal it! More crimes you commit, more police you will chase you, so pay attention and change your car's plate when necessary!

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