Tradewinds 2

RPG 2005 Windows Shockwave Strategic scope Strategy Casual Minigame Arcade

A great sea adventure game

Make a fortune by trading and selling in Tradewinds 2. It is a great game with a lot of adventures. If you have already played Tradewinds then you will also like Tradewinds 2. You need some intelligence and skills to play this game. Buy and sell goods using your skills. Make some money and fight against the enemies. The game has a decent story. You will fight both in land and sea. By trading you can earn and buy magic weapons to beat the enemies. What I liked most is the story and over sixty hours of play. There are also 2 game modes. So the game will keep you busy for hours. It has much improved graphics than the previous version. Also the sound quality is excellent. Start your quest and achieve your mission. From Caribbean Island to some other island you have to trade and fight against the mighty pirates. Your mission is to save your ships from the pirates. With the trading profit you can buy a new ship or even you can repair it. If you like sea adventure games then Tradewinds 2 is the right game for you

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