The Dark Legions

RPG 2004 Windows Strategy First Strategic scope Myth and legend Action Indie Strategy

Vengeance is mine

The Dark Legions is another one of those very standard real-time strategy games which popped up in the wake of Command & Conquer and Dune 2. Like KKND and other blatant copies this one doesn't do anything technically wrong but it just doesn't offer anything that's different to make it worth playing by anyone but the most diehard of genre fans. This one is a bit like the original Warcraft, with its mix of medieval and light fantasy, and the story tells a familiar tale of an evil dark lord who goes around slaughtering villages and their inhabitants. But when a boy escapes, he grows up with vengeance in his heart and who is now ready to take that revenge. What follows is a mostly standard RTS where you play through a single player campaign with a number of missions that require you to explore, find resources, and of course battle your enemies. One original touch is the various dungeon crawling missions which pop up and which require you to solve a few puzzles based around switches. However, apart from this, The Dark Legions is very much business as usual for the genre. It's certainly not a bad game and offers the RTS fan a decent amount of challenge and entertainment, with its well crafted levels and interesting missions. The dungeon sections add variety while there's also a good range of units to make use and with the controls being simple to use. The visuals are pretty solid, with some nicely designed character models and environments, although the colors are sometimes a bit muddy. All in all, a worthy if not exactly original experience.

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