Seek and Destroy

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames War Arcade style

A simple and well playable strategy game

The premise of this game, and the way it is delivered, with simple top down graphics, yet with a very playable attitude Seek and Destroy feels very much like Deser Strike. Which, for an almost unknown title is really outstanding. The number of units in the game is not too high; however, they are so very well balanced, even if not in some fancy set up where they, the units have different builds, for different factions. Nope, they are pretty similar, yet the game, overall, is a lot of fun to play. Another beautiful thing about the game is that it has so called multi-phase stages. This means that Seek and Destroy is never too boring, and neither all about the skirmish, you know, about the smallest denominator of the missions. Nope, what it has is totally engaging mission briefs that will truly keep you busy and always excited. Other than that, with Seek and Destroy you will and shoud expect to spend a lot of time. Graphically it's not original but well done. So have it around when you want a classic, yet well done, unknown strategy game in real time.

A great action game

Seek and Destroy is a great 1993 action game (much like Raptor, only with tanks as well as an aircraft) in which you fly a helicopter or a tank and shoot everything and anything that you see. The game is played in a top down perspective. Each vehicle has its own enourmous variety of weapons to choose from and many structures hide cool powerups for your weapons. While going around and shooting stuff, you get points and at the end of the game there is a leaderboard so the game will motivate you to get a higher score than last time. The game has excellent graphics for its time, with great explosions and excellent animation. It also has great a cool pumping beat tune in the game intro and authentic sounds of chopper flying or tank driving, explosion and shooting. Seek and Destroy is a great game with an excellent replay value, since you will always try again to get a higher score or to apply a different strategy or just because it is so much fun. It's amazing how a small and simple game like this has so much to offer.

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