Simulation 1983 Dos Spinnaker Tycoon style Civil

Manage your own steam train operaton!

Trains is a serious game about the management that went into making sure that a fleet of commercial steam locomotive trains were profitable, arrived where they were bound to and that no issues happened down the road. In short, if Railroad Tycoon is about recent era train simulation, this game here wants to simulate the train management in the romantic period of trains. All in all, Trains is a game that allows you to transport both goods, as well as people, and you get a good amount of options that simulate the loading process of the train carts, to the end result where the goods are unloaded. Having been released in 83, you can't expect this to be a very heavy graphical simulation, but, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't look good. For a turn based game that it is, it's very NES game look works great, and you also get a lot of information at the bottom of each screen that represents your current state, your amount of money and so on. Your ultimate goal is to see the track that is being built on the lower portion of the screen completed, which signals that you've accomplished your goals. Try it out, this Apple II game sure is fun and well executed.

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