Treasure Masters, Inc.

Simulation 2008 Windows Alawar Entertainment Seek and find Casual Minigame Arcade

Find the treasure

A fairly typical mix of hidden object game and puzzle adventure, Treasure Masters is no better than many of the other millions of similar such games on the market, but it's better than many, making it a solid choice for fans of such things. This one takes the classic adventure plotline of a grandfather who disappears while out searching for treasure, so it falls to you as his grandson to take up the reins of the business and venture forth to find out what happened to the old man, and which involves travelling to exotic places while looking for goodies. What follows is a traditional hidden object game for the most part, with the usual time limits in place adding to the pressure. Some objects are retained in your inventory for use in the puzzle sections of which there are quite a number. There's little else to talk about really, besides the two modes, one of which gives you a time limit to complete each chapter and the other which doesn't, and the handful of mini-games which also pop up from time to time. On the whole, this is a pretty decent little romp that is easy to lose some time with. The game is quite extensive, with a number of levels, 10 mini-games, and several puzzles to keep you busy so even genre veterans can expect to be challenged for some time. The visuals are quite splendid, being very sharp and full of detail, which adds much to the atmosphere. The story isn't a bad one and is well implemented into the gameplay, so overall, this is a fine all round package and a fun romp.

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