Cytron Masters

Strategy 1980 Dos SSI Organized forces Science Fiction

Classic real time action

Cytron Masters is a supremely important title in historical terms as it was perhaps the very first real time strategy game ever created. Fortunately, it actually remains a quite entertaining little experience which stands up surprisingly well and which is well worth checking out today. It's like a crude version of sci-fi classics like Command and Conquer, taking place on a futuristic battlefield and pitting one or two players against the computer or their friends. The goal of the game is pretty simple, lacking the depth of later games and their complex missions, and requires players to destroy their opponent's command HQ. The whole thing plays out on a 2D battlefield, with players facing off against one another and sending out their units. You have five classes of unit available, including Shooters which are your primary offensive option, Missiles which provide long range support, and Commanders which relay orders to other units. Similar to later classics like Advance Wars you also have access to power centers which are used to create more units and which can be taken over to boost your energy supplies. It might be pretty straightforward stuff but Cytron Masters is pleasantly entertaining as well as being historically significant. There's a decent level of challenge on offer, with a computer opponent that generally puts up a stiff challenge but the game really comes into its own when played with a human. The graphics too are simple but don't let this put you off as this is really neat little experience that stands a real retro classic.

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