Puzzle 1987 Dos Neil J. Rubenking Brainteaser Math or logic

A circles and colors based puzzler; fun enough

Triskelion is a puzzler game that gives you a few different colored circles, and you have to rotate them and overlap them in such a manner as to create a surface that is of a given color. So, in a way it's a color mixing puzzler, simple to use, to interact with, that will definitely give arts students a spin. It's fun enough to sink into, simple to control, and always exciting to play, for short periods of time, but if you want more out of it, well, it will kind of fall flat on its side, since it doesn't have too many aces up its digital sleeve! Graphically, the circles look alright, the blending of their primary (mostly) colors would not really result in the color shown, but a different shade, but then again, this game was released in 87, and the EGA repertoire of colors was quite reduced. So, if you're not nitpicky by nature, Triskelion will definitely be a good enough 5 minute break game, with just enough material to keep you entertained for a few minutes but no more. If you want a more engaging, long lived color based puzzler, better download Color Harmony, for instance, a tile and color matching puzzler, that will see you occupied for a lot more time.

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