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Spider Crawl game with a minimal graphic theme

You know what Xonix is like: you have played it during the arcade boom period, in the 80s maybe or even more recently, on the web or on your mobile device. This is the game where you have to capture as much as possible from the screen by drawing squares or other assorted rectangles. However, you have to dodge the enemies and to make sure that while you draw, nobody touches your “spider silk”, your lines. Many games have been developed that do exactly this, but offer intricate designs and rewards. Some of the games offered naked girls as a reward, others had other themes, but when it comes to minimalism Xonix is the game to go for. That is so because it has no extra incentives other than a score to keep you going. The enemies are as simple as they get – just bounding balls and other geometrical shapes, while the color scheme is also simple – just black and another color that may change. But, if that's what you are want, Xonix delivers. In the same simplicity vein, you might also want to try Boulder Dash, or Marble Madness, just to take a ride back in time with these arcade classics that were so rewarding and so simple to play.

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