Think Quick!

Puzzle 1987 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Brainteaser Math or logic Adventure style

A castle full of puzzles!

Think Quick! Is a really smart puzzle collection, because it envelops you in this mythical fantasy themed story, serving you on the premise that you need to help complete the construction of a knight, parts of which are scattered through a castle. But, if only it was as straightforward as entering the rooms and picking the pieces and getting the job done! Nope, there are all sort of problems that need be solved to get to do it, and with each new piece you come closer to the ultimate puzzle, while also getting an incentive to try other new puzzles on your way. It is a really smart way to sell a bundle of puzzle games, and also, to its credit, all of them look and behave great and are none too intricate to understand what they are. Sure, teh graphics will not sweep you off your feet, I mean this game was released in 87, but to its credit, the game has a sufficiently simple control scheme, which is always a great addition to a game so old. Anyway, you might want to try Gertrudes Secrets for another puzzler of the era, or, alternatively, visit Castle of Dr. Brain a game that I recommend to you because of the castle theme. All three are worth a go, in any case.

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