Number Munchers

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Fun and useful maths title

If you've got little ones who are just venturing along the road to learning their first numbers and are being introduced to the wonderful world of maths, then you could do a lot worse than point them in the direction of Number Munchers. It's a pretty decent edutainment title and while it may lean a little more to the 'tainment' side of things that the 'edu', after spending a couple of hours with the game, the kids should come away feeling a bit more confident about that their maths skills. Upon firing up the game, you're greeted with a number of options, the most important of which is the exact type of skills to be practising, with everything from multiples to primes being included and you can either stick to one or test a bit of everything. Once the difficulty level is set, you then get introduced to the fun bit, which is the game's hero, a cute frog and his enemies, the troggles, a bunch of ugly little critters who come in a variety of flavours. The basic game takes the form of a sort of maze, where you control the little frog guy and must avoid the troggles by jumping only on the appropriate numbers, depending on what you selected. Stay alive long enough and you will rack up enough points to enter the Hall of Fame, but the fast-paced nature of the game will keep you on your toes while also proving extremely fun at the same time. There are a few cutscenes in between levels, but these can either be seen as amusing or a little odd, depending on your mood, and while the graphics are simple, they are effective enough and help to make Number Crunchers a decent enough little title.

Simple edutainment game focused on numbers

The game puts you in the green skin of an adorable little frog who is very picky when it comes to the numbers it chooses to eat. Sometimes it wants prime numbers, sometimes it wants multiples of x, where x is generally a one digit number, sometimes it wants to eat only numbers that divides oddly to another, mostly single digit number, etc. You got it, the game wants to teach you a host of simple things about mathematics and simple operations that use mathematics and arithmetic but also some simple calculus elements. The game graphics consist of the grid with numbers, the numbers themselves and the header telling you which numbers to pick from the grid, so the chances of not knowing what to do are almost zero. Therefore, the game is 100 percent playable today, so I do advise you to set this one up for your preschool child or first/second grader to give it a try. It's really worth it. You can expect him or her to actually fall in love with the game, as it is very simple to understand and can be played at one's own pace, making math learning fun experience

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