Mr. Driller

Puzzle 2000 Windows Virgin Interactive Tetris variant

Dig Dug like but with a twist

This is a classic game in terms of its puzzle mechanics, it puts you in control of a little caveman who's always looking to find his way into a multicolored tile filled underground. But he can't do it mindlessly; he has to follow a certain patter, so as to not get himself trapped or to find himself unable to move next. So, just like in Dig Dug, you'll drill, drill, drill, while trying to create a mental map in advance, so that your progress won't halt. So, what's the twist you will ask? Well, different from the original, during certain levels a new challenge, kind of a puzzle within a puzzle will be brought forth. I won't spoil it, but I have to say it: the mind of the Japanese are definitely geared differently. Also, the game looks pretty cool graphically, with colorful times and a crisp overall design that leaves you to enjoy the game. The alert music is also very suitable for the mood of the game and will capture you immediately, though later on it can become a bit repetitive. So, is Mr. Driller worth an install, especially if you've played Dig Dug before? Sure enough, this game brings more to the table and it will keep you hooked for long periods of time, give that you don't abuse or play too much in one sitting. For an occasional platformer however, it's without doubt lots of fun.

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